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Rebecca Shreira-Tolman

Becca has loved animals of all kinds since she was a small child. She wants to save every animal that she finds; from birds to fish, she has tried to save them all. 


Becca's love for animals and the beginning of her training career started while she was working on a farm. At the farm, Becca cared for horses and would teach children with disabilities how to ride them. Being that she was on a farm there were all kinds of animals around, including dogs. She always found the dogs to be kind, friendly and sweet. One dog, in particular, caught her eye. Radar, a small Terrier Mix, was staying at the farm as a foster. Days went by and Radar remained on the farm, with no forever home to be found. Needless to say, Becca cared for Radar and began to fall in love. She would work with Radar; training basic obedience skills and manners. As Radar and Becca worked together and spent more and more time together, a bond was formed and Becca adopted him to be a part of her family. 


This was when Becca realized that training and rescuing dogs was something she loved and enjoyed. She began working at the local animal rescue, where she helped other people train their dogs, as well as helping dogs find loving homes and families. As time passed, Becca learned that her true passion leaned more towards dog training, so she began to focus more of her time and efforts on training. She reached out to everyone she knew and began working as a trainer full time. Since then, she never looked back and absolutely loves helping people and training service dogs. 


Fast forward, Becca and her husband moved from Nevada to Salt Lake City in order to continue their educations and get some much desired fresh air. Becca is currently working to complete certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), as well as attending Salt Lake County Community College where she is studying Education. Continual learning is extremely important to Becca, and she enjoys learning more about new techniques that are developed in dog training and learning how dogs think. She always tries to better herself, and all the people around her so that they and their pets can be the best versions of themselves.


Becca and her husband own a small pack of dogs;

Stella: a Border Collie/Lab Mix 

Link: a German Shepherd 

Duke: a German Shepherd/Dalmatian Mix

Duke is also her Medical Alert Service Dog. They are proud members of GO TEAM Therapy Dogs here in Salt Lake City. Becca joined the Coddled Critters Training team in February of 2019 and has loved every minute of it.