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Emilee Craven

Since Emilee, was very young, she always loved animals of every kind. She especially likes dogs, and whenever she sees one, she wants to pet/love them. Emilee started a job at a dog kennel in 2017 and absolutely loved it. She loved being able to care for the dogs, being around them all day and never gets tired of them. Eventually, she changed jobs and began working at an animal hospital where she really enjoyed learning about animals’ health and how to treat them. Dealing with aggressive dogs was never really a problem with her because she always tries to understand where they are coming from, and in fact it made her more intrigued to get them to trust he. She worked at the animal hospital for about a year before she went up to Utah State for school and decided to study animal science. After a year of school, she decided to take a break and return to her old job at the dog kennel, and begin to learned how to train dogs. Emilee started out learning how to train basic obedience such as sit, heel, stay, come, release. After a few months of training dog’s basic obedience, she began learning how to train the dogs to hunt game birds, via tracking and marking. She loved watching how happy the dogs would be to do what they were made to do, and enjoyed working for her. She loves the feeling of accomplishing and knowing how well she trained the dogs.