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Leslie Plummer

Leslie has had a love for animals ever since she was little. She got her first dog, a Standard Dachshund named Cody when she was only 2 and the love of dogs blossomed from there. When she moved to Wyoming in 2004, she joined the local 4-H Dog Program with her Jack Russell Terrier, Sage, and learned everything she could about dog training in all of her free time. Helping create a bond between handler and dog was what she loved the most, and that’s what she continued to do. She soon started teaching the program, helping younger handlers learn to speak to their dogs and build the same bond she had before. The program grew and grew, and they became one of the top-performing programs in the state. Leslie still showed in 4-H and had also started to get involved in other sports as well. By 2010 she and Sage had won 6 4-H State Fair Championships for Agility and Rally Obedience, Qualified and Titled in NADAC Agility, and had many qualifying legs in Obedience, Conformation, and Rally. 

In 2013, Leslie, her husband Zach and their Pomeranian, Roper, moved to California from Wyoming for Zach’s job, and she found herself missing training and everything that went with it. In February of 2014, Leslie’s entire training perspective changed when she got Luna, an American Pit Bull Terrier/German Shepherd Mix. Luna was full of drive, full of heart, and did everything at 100 miles an hour with no regard for anyone or anything else. In May of 2014, Leslie started a job as a K9 Caregiver and immediately enrolled in school to become a Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College. By January 2015, Leslie had graduated and was working full time as a Shift Manager and Dog Trainer at one of the largest Dog Daycares in Oceanside, California. Luna was a huge driving force behind Leslie learning everything she could from every side of the dog training world and helped her find her way to the methods and training styles she still uses today. Thanks to Luna, Leslie has a special spot for the dogs with aggression issues and wanted to learn to help those dogs live their life to the fullest. She took every course she could find, and attended seminars to help build her knowledge base on aggression and ways to help these dogs transform. 

In February of 2016, Leslie and her husband decided it was time for a change, and they moved to Salt Lake. Leslie got a job working as a K9 Specialist, as well as a Trainer downtown, and also found even more sports to get involved in. Leslie is active in all kinds of dog sports like Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, Nosework, Rally Obedience, Frisbee and Dock Diving. She and her dogs Luna and Khepri, a Belgian Malinois, have been invited and competed in 7 World Championships for Dock Diving, and have been on the Finals podium four times. Khepri is ranked in the Top 20 for Dock Diving and Lure Coursing, and both her dogs have a list of titles a mile long. Salt Lake opened up a lot more options for her for training and activities, and she found friends on all sides of the dog world. When her friend Tiffany from the sports side of her world was looking for a second trainer, Leslie knew exactly where she wanted to go. She and Tiffany had talked about Dog Training before, and she knew their training styles were extremely similar.  In March of 2019, Leslie signed on to the Coddled Critters Training Team as Lead Trainer and hasn’t looked back!