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Meet our Trainers:

Tiffany Saul

Head Trainer/Training Manager





Tiffany has always loved helping humans and animals and making a difference in their lives. She received that trait from her father, a retired firefighter. He has always helped any animal in any way he could. Her previous job types didn’t allow time to have a dog so she had cats most of her life. She did have one dog that she and her parents kept when it followed her Mom home. The weekends she would come home see her parents she would learn how to train from her father and take on the care responsibilities. This dog was a wonderful fun-loving, happy black lab named Tooter. So, the beginning of learning how to train dogs began at the age of 18. After Tiffany graduated from Grad School and began her first job in South Texas, she still made time to volunteer at the local Humane Society. She spent most of her time with the cleanup of kennels and walking the difficult dogs that most workers and volunteers did not want to take out. She kept this up even more when her Fiancé was working overseas. When he returned, they adopted a 3-year-old Aussie border collie mix named Kiley, who for the most part was a simple dog. Two months later they were told about a 10-month-old Doberman that was going to be dumped at the steps of a kill shelter. Tiffany could not let that happen so, she convinced her husband to take her into their home.

Tiffany began her dog training career as a client. She and her husband realized they truly needed help to train her Doberman Zoey to bring out her full potential. The found and hired a dog trainer and the change in both Zoey and Tiffany began. She had a passion to keep progressing with her Doberman and then decided to begin training Kiley. After taking her dogs from Basic to Advanced Off-Leash obedience, and becoming members of the GO TEAM Therapy Dogs. Her trainer invited her to become a dog trainer for his company.

Tiffany wanted to do things correctly and wanted to be certified so she attended the Corporate training school and achieved her Dog Training Certification. She was also certified in Pet Tech K9 First Aid and CPR and is a Certified AKC CGC Evaluator / Instructor through the American Kennel Club. While working with SMS Corpus Christi and learning from an amazing friend, trainer, and owner, she developed an affinity for working with aggressive dogs. She enjoys the challenge and the challenge the dogs bring but the happiness of the clients and dogs to live a more balanced happy life. Tiffany is very thankful for everything she took in a learned from her prior trainer and boss. Tiffany did all of this while developing, maintaining, and running her own personal training business.

In 2016, Tiffany’s husband took a promotion and moved them from South Texas to Northern Utah. She looked for and found the closest dog training franchise to her because she wanted to continue with dog training. Little did she know that it would take off for her so fast that she would have little time to really rebuild her own personal training business. In November 2016 she officially joined the SMS Salt Lake City and DogTown Kennels Family as the Lead Trainer. While learning more about what Utah had to offer, Tiffany became active in the Utah Doberman Rescue, as well as, became a member of the Salt Lake Doberman Pincher Club, The Wasatch Dock Dogs, and Utah Sighthounds Racing and Coursing Club. While working for SMS Salt Lake City, Tiffany truly found her personal style and touch to dog training. She progressed and improved her abilities to help human and dog aggressive dogs, all while using the fun energetic dogs to improve her ability to read dogs. Each dog brings a new challenge to find the drive of a dog and use that to overcome fears and build confidence. Tiffany has also began taking classes in dock diving and barn hunt. She truly enjoys letting her dogs have fun and push their talents at the same time.

Toward the end of 2018 it became apparent to Tiffany that a change was needed in her life. She wanted more time to improve and challenge her own dogs, while providing more time with her husband, but still able to make a difference in dogs and humans lives. The opportunity to allow her to build a dog training program from the ground up, and do so while being much closer to home. To her, that is a win-win! So as of February of 2019, Tiffany is now the Head Trainer and Training Manager at Coddled Critters and here to help clients teach their dogs to be a functioning part of the family. 

Certifications and Schooling:

Certified Dog Trainer - Sit Means Sit Dog Training School

AKC Evaluator/Instructor - American Kennel Club - #91654

Certified AKC Temperament Test Evaluator - American Kennel Club - #107241

Basic Pet CPR & First Aid Training - Pet Rescue of Utah

IACP Professional Member - #9760

APDT Professional Member - #93985

Canine Specialist - Stratford Career Institue (in progress)

GO TEAM Therapy Dogs Hander and Local Coordinator for Utah

New Skills Academy Pet Psychology Certification

Growl Class - A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Crutial Concepts in Dog Behavior and Training by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems - Dr. Ian Dunbar


Leslie Plummer

Head Trainer's Assistant










Leslie has had a love for animals ever since she was little. She got her first dog, a Standard Dachshund named Cody when she was only 2 and the love of dogs blossomed from there. When she moved to Wyoming in 2004, she joined the local 4-H Dog Program with her Jack Russell Terrier, Sage, and learned everything she could about dog training in all of her free time. Helping create a bond between handler and dog was what she loved the most, and that’s what she continued to do. She soon started teaching the program, helping younger handlers learn to speak to their dogs and build the same bond she had before. The program grew and grew, and they became one of the top-performing programs in the state. Leslie still showed in 4-H and had also started to get involved in other sports as well. By 2010 she and Sage had won 6 4-H State Fair Championships for Agility and Rally Obedience, Qualified and Titled in NADAC Agility, and had many qualifying legs in Obedience, Conformation, and Rally. 

In 2013, Leslie, her husband Zach and their Pomeranian, Roper, moved to California from Wyoming for Zach’s job, and she found herself missing training and everything that went with it. In February of 2014, Leslie’s entire training perspective changed when she got Luna, an American Pit Bull Terrier/German Shepherd Mix. Luna was full of drive, full of heart, and did everything at 100 miles an hour with no regard for anyone or anything else. In May of 2014, Leslie started a job as a K9 Caregiver and immediately enrolled in school to become a Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College. By January 2015, Leslie had graduated and was working full time as a Shift Manager and Dog Trainer at one of the largest Dog Daycares in Oceanside, California. Luna was a huge driving force behind Leslie learning everything she could from every side of the dog training world and helped her find her way to the methods and training styles she still uses today. Thanks to Luna, Leslie has a special spot for the dogs with aggression issues and wanted to learn to help those dogs live their life to the fullest. She took every course she could find, and attended seminars to help build her knowledge base on aggression and ways to help these dogs transform. 

In February of 2016, Leslie and her husband decided it was time for a change, and they moved to Salt Lake. Leslie got a job working as a K9 Specialist, as well as a Trainer downtown, and also found even more sports to get involved in. Leslie is active in all kinds of dog sports like Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, Nosework, Rally Obedience, Frisbee and Dock Diving. She and her dogs Luna and Khepri, a Belgian Malinois, have been invited and competed in 7 World Championships for Dock Diving, and have been on the Finals podium four times. Khepri is ranked in the Top 20 for Dock Diving and Lure Coursing, and both her dogs have a list of titles a mile long. Salt Lake opened up a lot more options for her for training and activities, and she found friends on all sides of the dog world. When her friend Tiffany from the sports side of her world was looking for a second trainer, Leslie knew exactly where she wanted to go. She and Tiffany had talked about Dog Training before, and she knew their training styles were extremely similar.  In March of 2019, Leslie signed on to the Coddled Critters Training Team as Assistant Trainer and hasn’t looked back! 

Certifications and Schooling:

Animal Behavior College Certified Trainer

Penn Foster Career School Certifed Groomer

PetTech CPR & Frist Aid Certified

Sue Sternberg Assessing Aggression Thresholds Seminar 

Overcoming Reactivity in Dogs - Collared Scholar

Rebecca Sheriar-Tolman

In-House Trainer

Becca has loved animals of all kinds since she was a small child. She wants to save every animal that she finds; from birds to fish, she has tried to save them all. 


Becca's love for animals and the beginning of her training career started while she was working on a farm. At the farm, Becca cared for horses and would teach children with disabilities how to ride them. Being that she was on a farm there were all kinds of animals around, including dogs. She always found the dogs to be kind, friendly and sweet. One dog, in particular, caught her eye. Radar, a small Terrier Mix, was staying at the farm as a foster. Days went by and Radar remained on the farm, with no forever home to be found. Needless to say, Becca cared for Radar and began to fall in love. She would work with Radar; training basic obedience skills and manners. As Radar and Becca worked together and spent more and more time together, a bond was formed and Becca adopted him to be a part of her family. 


This was when Becca realized that training and rescuing dogs was something she loved and enjoyed. She began working at the local animal rescue, where she helped other people train their dogs, as well as helping dogs find loving homes and families. As time passed, Becca learned that her true passion leaned more towards dog training, so she began to focus more of her time and efforts on training. She reached out to everyone she knew and began working as a trainer full time. Since then, she never looked back and absolutely loves helping people and training service dogs. 


Fast forward, Becca and her husband moved from Nevada to Salt Lake City in order to continue their educations and get some much desired fresh air. Becca is currently working to complete certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), as well as attending Salt Lake County Community College where she is studying Education. Continual learning is extremely important to Becca, and she enjoys learning more about new techniques that are developed in dog training and learning how dogs think. She always tries to better herself, and all the people around her so that they and their pets can be the best versions of themselves.


Becca and her husband own a small pack of dogs;

Stella: a Border Collie/Lab Mix 

Link: a German Shepherd 

Duke: a German Shepherd/Dalmatian Mix

Duke is also her Medical Alert Service Dog. They are proud members of GOTEAM Therapy Dogs here in Salt Lake City. Becca joined the Coddled Critters Training team in February of 2019 and has loved every minute of it.

Certifications and Schooling: 

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (in progress)

SDSTS Beginning Service Dog Skills Course

GOTEAM Therapy Dogs Handler